10 Countries Offer Free Education To International Students

Study abroad free

Study abroad free

Top 10 Countries Where You Can Study abroad free

You want to study abroad free, pack bags; you can study abroad at a lower cost than you think. According to the report of The Independent, many countries of the world give free education to students coming from other countries including India. There are some countries where higher education fees are very low. If you gather up a little information and do planning, you can study abroad for free. We are telling you about 10 countries. Some of them give free education to foreign students and some have a few fees, too. Exposure abroad will be available here at a very low cost.Study abroad free

All you have to do is understand the conditions for the education policy and admission of that country, and apply according to its exact timing, with the right preparation. Read more where they get free education.

1 Germany
Germany comes to top in terms of the best higher education, free education or concessional education. No tuition fees are taken in any government university here. Whether the reader is from Germany or another country. However, you will have to pay the administration fee, which is approximately 11 thousand to 19 thousand rupees annually.Study abroad free

2 Norway
Graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs in this country are completely free. Whether you are a citizen of Norway or a citizen of another country, it does not matter. However, you have to fulfill one condition. The condition is that you should speak Norwegian If you plan to read here, learn this language.

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3 Sweden
There are no fees for the graduate and post-graduate programs of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Countries like India do not come here, though even then a PhD is totally free for all. Not only this, those who make PhD also get some money every month from the government.Study abroad free

4 Finland

Finland did not first take tuition fees from the citizens of any country, but it is still changing the rule. Now the tuition fees will be charged from the European Union and those outside the European Economic Area who will be doing an English Language Graduate or Post Graduate Course. However, if you learn the local language here, then you can study freely.Study abroad free

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5 Czech Republic
Here, Higher Education is free for every citizen of the country. Yes, the only condition is that you should come into the local language. Well, if you are studying English language here, even then the annual fee will be around 70 thousand rupees.Study abroad free

6 Austria

Here the students of the European Union and European Economic Area are free and fees are charged for the rest, but the good thing is that the fees here are also very low. In Indian Rupees, it is worth about 55 thousand rupees annually.Study abroad free

7 France and Spain
If you leave some government universities, then higher education is usually free here. Similarly, Spain also gives free education to students of the European Union and fees for the rest of the students are very low.Study abroad free

8 Belgium and Greece
There is no free education for international students here, but the fees here are very low, which is not very good. Higher education in Greece is much less than other countries.Study abroad free

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