Career Options after 12th Pass : Learn How to choose career after 12th ?

Career Options
Career Options after 12th Pass – 12 Pass Job

Career options- Students are often confused with the fact that they go to the field of engineering, medicines, civil services or marketing. But apart from this there are many more employment oriented courses, which they can make their future. Read this important article.

After 12th Pass, Ajay does not understand what he will choose for the future, which opens the door to success. Half of the family members want him to be an engineer, half want him to go to civil services. Friends recommend him a business course, but his mind is about to go to Air Force. Being overpriced, he is confused about which topic he chooses?

In fact, this confusion is for every student who is looking for his future among the topics. There was a time when there were limited alternatives: engineering, medical and civil services good students used to do this. But today there are so many options that he gets confused and if he does not choose the subject correctly, his future will be on the stake. But there are some points that you can reduce your confusion by thinking about.

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How to Choose the Right Career options

Future after 12th – How to choose career? Career Options after 12th Pass

  1. Ensure the goal first-
    You should already be sure of what you have to become. When the goal is ensured, then you go ahead and move in the right direction. At the same time, the illusion makes you directionless. At the same time, the way the new institutions are opening up in the country, there is a growing number of people studying there, according to him the level of education has not increased.
    Therefore, every year there are no jobs available even after coming out of technical or non-technical graduates in thousands of colleges. As far as the right course is concerned, students will have to take care of the areas which are most likely to get job.
  2. Make your career plan-
    Competition has increased in the field today. There are limited entry numbers in business topics; the number of competitors is high. You may have a lot of talent or ability, but you can’t get admission in courses of choice or college. It is important for a separate plan to be ready. Career Counselor, teachers, old students, or anyone can be helped for options.
  3. Make the right topic choice-
    After 12th; choosing a particular course depends on the interest and options of a student. If you are an artist or creator, you can choose courses like advertising, fashion, design. If your brain is an analyzer, then you will have better engineering or technology areas. There are also many specialist courses here, after which they can fly high in the career.

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Things to keep in mind when choosing a course:

  1. Just choose the course by looking at your favorite subject. Avoid copying others, because every student’s goal, talent and interest are different.
  2. Self-evaluate, before choosing any course, it should decide for yourself that your work is of greater interest. You create a list of all the options in which you can prove yourself.
  3. Find options. There was a time when options were limited. Students of science subjects had only medical or engineering alternatives but now that period is not there. Today you have a lot of choices in front of you. You can do courses such as Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Transcription. Similarly, doing 12th business or hotel management course with arts can become part of retailing, hospitality, tourism industry. Those who are creative, they can do fashion designing, merchandising, styling courses.
  4. Election of the Institute. Nowadays there is an entrance test for admission in institutions but before taking admission in government and private institutes consider the following points.

Things to know about the institution before entering the institute:
A. First it should be ascertained whether or not the institution is recognized by the appropriate regulatory authority.

  1. Quality of Faculty
  2. Ratio of Professor, Lecturer and Assistant Professor.
  3. Curriculum Diversity.
  4. The percentage of placement or job completion.
  5. Basic Features

Courses after 12th science

Employment-oriented courses for students of science classes: Courses after 12th Science: Career Options after 12th Pass

The main courses among them are:

  1. Nanotechnology:After 12th Pass, or B Tech in Nanotechnology and after this or in this Subject or can be made excellent career in this field.
  2. Space Science: It consists of three years of B.Sc. and four-year courses ranging from B Tech to PhD, especially in ISRO and Bangalore based IISC.
  3. Robotic Science: Students who have obtained M.E degree in Robotics can get jobs in research work in prestigious institutes like ISRO.
  4. Astrophysics: Can take admission in four or three year bachelor’s program ( in Physics). After doing doctorate in astrophysics, students can become a scientist in research organizers like ISRO.
  5. Dairy Science: After 12th Pass, after passing the entrance exam on Student All India Basis, can take admission in the four year bachelor course of Dairy Technology. Some institutes offer a two-year diploma course in dairy technology.
  6. Environmental Science: Under this subject subjects such as ecology, disaster management, wild life management, and pollution control are taught. There are good job opportunities.
  7. Microbiology: B.Sc in Life Science or B.Sc in Micro-Biology Course.
  8. Water Science: This is the science related to the water surface. It has to study subjects like Hydrogeology, Drainage Basin Management, Water Quality Management, hydro informatics.

Courses after 12th arts

Employment courses for commerce / arts students: Courses after 12th arts: Career Options after 12th Pass

For Commerce and Arts, it is from Traditional Course way that there are many such business areas where you can build a better future with science students after taking admission

  1. Footwear design and development institute is an online selection test for fashion, design, retail and management graduate and postgraduate courses. This test is entrusted to 1680 seats.
    Through this test, Footwear design and production management, Leather goods and accessories designing, Graduate courses in fashion designing and MBA in Fashion Marketing and Retail Management, Fashion Marketing and Retail Management, MBA in Footwear Design and Production Management, M. Design’s Post Graduate Course is given admission.
  2. Some hotel management institutes also offer certificate courses in food production. 12 food institutions of the Government of India also do the courses related to this, after which you can make a career not only in the chef but in other areas related to the hotel industry. Young people desiring to pursue a career in the Hotel Management and Catering Sector are required to pass 12th. Examinations and interviews are also done before admission in many institutes.
  3. To become a stock broker, there should be at least a bachelor in commerce . Not restricted to students of other streams. If you have a good understanding of finance, business, economics, capital market account and investment. Then you can start your career by joining a stock broking firm.
  4. Most of the students studying arts subjects are engaged in the preparation of civil services, but in addition to these, professionally MBAs, journalism, market analysis, teaching, anthropologist, Human resources, MSW etc. also have considerable career options.

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